Tuesday, August 14, 2007

College Football 2007 Season Preview

The Frat Boy News College News Preseason Top 12

The 2007 college football season is only a few weeks away.

We here at The Frat Boy News love college football just as much as you and we're going to prove it.

Throughout the season, The Frat Boy News will release our Top 12 College Football Power Rankings each and every Monday morning. Be sure to check out where your school stands and make sure your ready for the tailgate and postgame parties each weekend.

There are some surprises in the preseason rankings, with many of the nation's top programs not yet breaking into the Top 12.

Here's the first full edition of The Frat Boy News College Football Top 12 Power Rankings:

12. Hawaii Warriors

11. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

10. Virginia Tech Hokies

9. Michigan Wolverines

8. Auburn Tigers

7. Texas Longhorns

6. Penn State Nittany Lions

5. Wisconsin Badgers

4. Florida Gators

3. Louisiana State Tigers

2. Southern California Trojans

1. West Virginia Mountaineers

1 comment:

FormerlyAnonymous said...

penn state over michigan... unlikely but ok.

i had auburn that high last year, alot of good that did me.

hawaii? i mean seriously... hawaii? if they run the table would you seriously put them at #1? they play 2 D-1AA schools, and the WAC... ok, so boise state is on there, so how do you even rate these guys with the other conferences... they would be killed by any SEC/PAC team, most Big12/10/East teams, and some CUSA teams. Im not surprised they dropped a chance to play michigan this year. people like you rate them high enough to compete.

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