Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Facebook Leads Police to Arrests of Purdue Fondlers

Purdue Students Arrested for Assaulting 3 Women

Facebook helped police find two men they believe are responsible for several incidents in which women at Purdue University were fondled in odd locations.

"Information was posted on the homepage, on Facebook. We have more than 6,000 students who have signed up to our group. We called the sororities and alerted the house mom. Got them out of bed and they started a phone tree and we called the residence hall and they put up flyers," a Purdue spokesperson said.

Female students reported being fondled in an elevator and at the campus food court. With information obtained from Facebook, police were able to track down fondling suspect George Odongo and his friend James Bunanglag, who they say encouraged the activity.

Despite the fondling incidents, Purdue students still believe they are safe on campus as long as they take precautions.

"I talked to my roommate and we discussed, you know, not riding in elevators alone at night. So I'm feeling pretty good," Purdue sophomore Kacey Reuker told a local TV station after the arrests.

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