Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Minor League Baseball Employee Caught Smoking Pot at Work

Tuesday's Frat Boy News Pause for the Cause (compiled by Kristin Smith, First Coast News)

A minor league baseball fan went to the ballgrounds in Jacksonville to catch a game, but he caught something else.

Police say a juvenile told an off duty officer he saw a man smoking marijuana in the stadium during Saturday's game. It turnded out to be Ray Zerba, Assistant General Manager of Personnel for the Jacksonville Suns.

Now he's owning up to what he did.

Zerba was released from jail Sunday. For nearly a year, Ray had the job of his dreams, and in a moment, it was taken away.

"One of the best jobs I could ever imagine having and I've just kind of thrown it all away, and now I have to pick up the pieces," said Zerba.

His life fell to pieces while working that dream job, when he was caught doing something he says he'd normally leave at home.

"I've been addicted to marijuana my whole life pretty much," said Zerba. This time, he was caught.

"A juvenile came over to a police officer and told him he thought a man was smoking marijuana in the bleachers below," said Melissa Bujeda, with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. When the officer went over, Zerba told him where the drugs were, and handed them over.

"I was working pretty much, on the clock, just, not thinking, and made a very poor decision," said Zerba. He was arrested, and that's when things changed for Zerba.

"If you're arrested on duty you're pretty much fired. We've never dealt with this situation before, but this situation was a no-brainer. He is no longer with the company," said Kirk Goodman, General Manager of the Suns.

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