Friday, August 17, 2007

'Pacman' Jones Admits to Selling, Smoking Pot

The Weekend's Frat Boy News Pause for the Cause (compiled by Jim Wyatt,

Titans cornerback Pacman Jones said he has no worries about his legal problems in Las Vegas.

In an interview with HBO's Bryant Gumbel that will air Tuesday night on "Real Sports", Jones simply said: “I know the truth is gonna come out, at the end of the day. ... And I'll tell you, 'I told you so.''

In the wide-ranging interview, Jones admitted to selling dope in his past and using marijuana, but said the last time was about three years ago. He said he doesn't use marijuana any more. The Tennessean obtained a transcript of the interview on Monday.

"Clean as a whistle,'' Jones said.

Gumbel was in town with a video crew last week to interview Jones at his home in Franklin. Jones was charged with two counts of felony coercion following a Feb. 19 shooting at Minxx Gentleman's Club in Las Vegas.

One bouncer was shot and remains paralyzed from the waist down. Jones was accused of using threat or force to prevent the club's bouncers from doing their jobs, authorities said.

He is currently serving a suspension from the NFL.

"Innocent bystander,'' Jones said of the incident in Las Vegas. "Wrong place, wrong time.

“… I guess I'm the big fish in the little pond. I never touched anybody; I never hit no girl; I never told any one of them that I was gonna kill them."

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