Monday, August 27, 2007

The Top 5 Early Season College Football Games

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College Football
(compiled by Parkov,

5. Oklahoma State @ Georgia (WK 1)

-Oklahoma State is bringing back a lot of starters from a very talented team. They are looking to take the next step and beating Georgia at home would be that next step. The only problem is this- Georgia is a pretty good football team. A pretty good football team that happens to be 25-2 against non-conference opponents under Mark Richt.

4. Oregon @ Michigan (WK 2)
-Michigan has hopes of winning the Big 10 and playing for a National Championship. However, they must first dispatch a tough Oregon team.

3. Miami @ Oklahoma (WK 2)
-This ought to be a good one to watch. They both play nasty defense and they are two of the elite teams in the nation in terms of talent. I love games like this.

2. Tennessee @ Cal (WK 1)
-This was a great game last year and it should be a great game this year. Two teams from opposite sides of the country, both with similar aspirations, going at it in the first week of the season. This is how college football is meant to be played.

1. Virginia Tech @ LSU (WK 2)
-Wow. Talk about a game to start the season. LSU is #2 in most polls I've seen and Virginia Tech is usually in the Top 10. Both of these teams could be playing for all the marbles in January. Both of them have fast, tough athletic defenses- probably two of the best defenses in the country. Make no mistake; this is no "exhibition" game. There is something on the line when these two kick off. And they both know it. I can't wait for this one.

Well, I'm sure I left out a good game or two. If you've got another one that you think should have been on here, feel free to let me know. As always, thanks for reading.

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