Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Charge Dropped Against Pike that Shot Brother

The Frat Boy News Daily Police Report

Kettering University (compiled by DetNews.com)

An judge has dismissed an involuntary manslaughter charge against a 22-year-old man who accidentally shot and killed a fraternity brother at a party in June.

Judge Nanci J. Grant dismissed the charge against Marcus Jun-Mon Yu on Thursday morning, according to court records. Yu pleaded guilty to a charge of discharging a weapon resulting in injury.

On the last weekend in June, a college fraternity party in an Auburn Hills, Mich., apartment turned tragic when Yu accidentally fired a 9 mm handgun in the bedroom. Karl Joseph Hansen, 21, of Pinckney, was sleeping in the room at the time and was fatally shot in the head. He was a fellow engineering student at Kettering University in Flint and fellow member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Yu is scheduled for sentencing before Judge Grant on Oct. 4.

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Anonymous said...

thats what happens when you let goofy ass chinks in

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