Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tulane Pikes Suspended; 10 Charged in 'Hell Night' Hazing

Tulane Fraternity Suspended

By Patrick W. Connelly
, The Frat Boy News

Tulane University suspended its chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity amidst heated hazing allegations stemming from what police are calling an incident at the group's "Hell Night" initiation.

Two of the fraternity's pledges claim to have second- and third-degree burns after being doused with pepper spray and having hot water and crab boil poured on their bodies, police said.

Ten of Pi Kappa Alpha's brothers are facing felony battery charges from the incident that, if convicted, could lead to 15 years in jail, police said. The incident occurred April 25 at the fraternity's house, police added.

One of the pledges suffering burns was "obviously extremely traumatized" by the ritual, his attorney Frank D'Amico Jr., of New Orleans, told CNN.

The pledge bas badly burned on his chest, buttocks and genitals, D'Amico said. Brothers used boiling hot water that contained pepper spray and a "crab boil" seasoning mixture including cayenne pepper to haze the pledges, he added.

"What they were doing was burning the young men," D'Amico said.

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