Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winthrop Places Pi Kappa Alpha on Propation for Suspected Rape

Winthrop Frat On Propation

The fallout from an alleged rape case at Winthrop University's Pi Kappa Alpha has resulted in the fraternity being put on probation. The Pike house, which located off campus is pictured at left.

As previously reported by the FratBoyNews, a nineteen year old student reported drinking at the fraternity house on February 3rd, and falling asleep there. She woke up while being sexually assaulted.

The student who served her alcohol assaulted her was not a member of the fraternity, rather, he was a non-brother who rented out room at the fraternity house. After the incident, the non-member was kicked out of the house and banned. The university has asked the house review its policies on renting out beds to non-members.

The Charlotte Observer reported on the details of the probation:
"Dean of Students Bethany Marlowe wrote a letter to Winthrop's Pi Kappa Alpha chapter saying that it would not be allowed to hold any social events with alcohol for the rest of the school year, the release said. Also, she wrote, the chapter will have to complete educational programs on alcohol abuse, including hosting an alcohol awareness seminar for at least 85 percent of all fraternity and sorority members."

Rape Reported at Winthrop
Winthrop Pikes Won't Face Rape Charges

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