Friday, March 02, 2007

Radford Sigma Chi's Investigated For Bid Night Hazing

Frat Hazing Uncovered at Radford

Police are investigating a possible incident of hazing at Radford University's Sigma Chi chapter's bid night.

"It turned into a literal mosh pit," said an unnamed pledge of the fraternity. "The brothers had done away with their candles and were just jumping into the pledge brothers."

"We were each given beer after beer after beer we had to chug until we were puking," he insisted.

Pledges said they were also forced to wear women's clothing, while the brothers took pictures and posted them online. The incident is still under investigation


Anonymous said...

Dont believe everything you hear, and there's two sides to every story. Ever hear of a scorned woman? I think the same thing is happening in this situation. Its sad that we as a society has come to this.

Anonymous said...

EX you just got punked by an ex pledge you guys are idiots!!! HAHA that scorned woman sure got you good!

Anonymous said...

What does the secretive President Kyle have to say? Probably nothing. That's what she's known for!

Anonymous said...

Alcohol poisoning! Not cool.

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