Friday, March 02, 2007

Valpo Sorority Girls Speak Out on DePauw Controversy

VU Shuns Sorority Dumping

Sorority girls at Valparaiso University are speaking out against the Delta Zeta chapter from DePauw University that allegedly wouldn't recruit girls who didn't meet their standards.

"It is well-known during recruitment that we aim to attract and invite women that 'fit in' or 'mesh well' with our existing group," said Chi Omega's Annie Elzey, a Valparaiso senior.

"I think the situation at DePauw is terrible," said Katie Lindahl, director of recruitment for VU's Pan-Hellenic Council.

"Fortunately we don't encounter anything like this here at Valparaiso; if we did our chapter would probably be kicked off campus. Setting physical standards in a sorority or fraternity is not only demeaning but an insult to Greek life in general."

"However, girls in my sorority come in all shapes and sizes. We simply look for real people who are true to themselves," Laura Henderson, a Kappa Delta senior, said.

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