Friday, March 02, 2007

San Jose Delta Upsilon Brothers Ready To Move Back To Their House

Frat House Nearly Ready After '05 Fire

After two years of repairs from an accidental fire, the brothers of the Delta Upsilon fraternity plan to move into their new fully furnished San Jose Chapter house this spring.

The house is 14,560 square feet with 23 bedrooms, according to Rodney Blaco, the 2001 Delta Upsilon president. From the outside looking in, the building looks like a modern apartment complex; however, once inside visitors will discover a lot more than meets the eye.

The Delta Upsilon fraternity house is complete with a large study lounge, dining room, industrial kitchen, smaller kitchenette, conference room, alumni room, live-in advisor suite, parlor/game room, TV room, basement and living room with fireplace and baby grand piano.

The house will also have an outdoor sprinkler system and access to high speed Internet. The total cost of the rebuild to date is roughly $3 million.

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