Friday, March 02, 2007

Creeps Causing Problems at BYU

The Frat Boy News daily campus police report for Friday:

Brigham Young University (compiled by Christopher Williams, BYU NewsNet)
Feb. 22: A female custodian was making her way by the Marriott Center to the JSB in the early morning when a car with its lights on in the parking lot began to follow her. As she was crossing at 450 E 1500 North, the car went ahead of her and made a U-turn, coming back. The car stopped near the tunnel to the Marriott Center and a man got out, pulled his pants down and exposed himself to her. He then got back in and drove off. The victim described the man as a white male 6 feet tall, thin with a short crop of dark hair, in his late 20s to early 30s. He was driving a champagne-colored vehicle similar to a newer Toyota Camry.

Feb. 27: Students reported a male approaching people in the area of John Hall soliciting for money to travel to Lindon. Police noted the man was in possession of a bicycle and smelled of alcohol. He was escorted off campus.

Feb. 14-20: A female student reported an incident of stalking. The female met the suspect on the Internet via Facebook and they began an e-mail correspondence. The substance of the e-mails he began to send the victim disturbed her and led her to believe that he was a stalker.

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