Friday, March 02, 2007

Fratboy News Exclusive:
The Most Beautiful College Girls

Campus Girls USA

If only there was a web site determined to search the country to find the most beautiful and stunning college girls to be models for their calenders? A beautiful girl for each month of the year, and the best part is, they are all from your college.

Campus Girls USA is a web site determined to do just that. With superbly crafted photography, the site plans to recruit actual college girls from your university to fill its calender months. The 2007 edition has already been released, made exclusively for the University of Iowa, and can be purchased here.

Next years calenders include editions exclusively for Central Florida, Louisiana State, Minnesota, Ohio State, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas, and Wisconsin. Each week, the site is introducing a new group of finalists from each college for you to vote upon.

And if your college wasn't selected for one of next years calenders, don't fret. Girls from your school can apply to be a Campus Girl. According to the site, girls don't need prior modeling experience. They are conducting a nationwide search and looking girls with fun personalities, positive attitudes, and a strong work ethic. Tell you girl friend to fill out an application so she can be featured as a "Girl of the Week."

Check out the 2008 finalists and see if that girl you're always checking out during class made the list. Each finalist has a video

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