Thursday, March 08, 2007

ΔΖ Sheds Light on Controversy and Greek Life at Clarkson

The Frat Boy News Daily College Column
By Mary Gacioch, The Clarkson Integrator

It seems necessary to clarify some nonfactual points and also to highlight more of the positive aspects of Clarkson's Greek system.

Pertaining to the organizations that own houses, some houses are owned by their National affiliates and the chapter's alumni control others. It is not necessarily current initiates' decision to move to campus. Furthermore, Delta Zeta, and I am sure many other Greek houses, has not seen any proposal for the Greeks to move out of their current houses and onto campus.

Indeed, there are many arguments to support the benefits of moving to campus, however it is shallow to assume that all organizations are not moving to campus as a result of tradition. In terms of tradition, no one can deny that there has been tension in the past between sororities. However Pan-Hel, which is the equivalent of IFC, has climbed mountains this year in sorority relations, showing first and foremost that there are some Greeks striving to work in conjunction with each other.

In the case of recognized affiliations, it is not true that the unrecognized fraternities do not have guidelines or risk management policies to uphold. One fraternity in particular is still recognized by their national council and has one of the strongest risk management policies the Greek system can encounter. And it is not solely the unrecognized chapters whose actions are reflecting poorly on the overall Greek system at Clarkson.

Ultimately, it is against Delta Zeta's beliefs, and I believe all of the Greek organizations', to deter someone from joining a Greek house that they see fit for themselves, whether they are recognized or unrecognized. Delta Zeta especially believes that every individual will fit with the affiliation they choose because they believe in it. None of those individuals should make their decision based on the status of the chapter. Instead, their decision should be based on the brotherhood or sisterhood and how that person feels within each chapter.

Moving on, in reference to social functions and activities, not all involve alcohol, nor should they. For instance, Delta Zeta and Phi Sigma Sigma have now met for dinner twice in the month of February as entire chapters. I invite anyone to ask a DZ or Phi Sig sister of our current relationship with each other.

On a different note, Greeks, because they are Greek, are subjected to much more scrutiny on this campus. There are plenty of other organizations such as athletics and clubs whose functioning has resulted in "hazing" and "untimely hospital visits." Unfortunately, negative news is the only news reported about Greeks while other organizations skate through unscathed as a result of the same actions that Greeks are persecuted relentlessly for.

It is ironic to me that so much negative publicity is undercutting the Greek system here at Clarkson, especially when the Greek population dominates some of our most prestigious organizations. Also, many chapters in the Greek community consistently beat the all-Clarkson, all-female and all-male GPA in terms of academics.

Ultimately, because of the constant dissection and judgement that Greeks encounter I believe it is necessary to continue to highlight the positive activities that each affiliation participates in regularly. If you are Greek, then be Greek and support each other in the positive things we do. Nobody appreciates the negative occurrences associated with the Greek system, but I believe that all should appreciate the amount of good and great accomplishment that remains unchallenged by any other organization affiliated with Clarkson.

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