Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sorority Says Drag Queens Aren't Sisters

Drag Sisters Rile Sorority

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Some of the "sisters" of Alpha Kappa Theta at Texas Southern University are not what they appear to be.

Pictures of men in drag posing in the sorority's distinctive pink and green have been circulating on the Web for several weeks. The drag sisters call themselves "MIAKA" - Men Interested In Alpha Kappa Alpha.

The group says it is an "unofficial chapter" of AKA. The official AKA chapter at the college calls the spoof "an abomination".

The men are allegedly from TSU and Prairie View A&M University, but AKA says it has been unable to confirm that. Some students who are not members of the sorority at the historically Black University are supporting the official sorority and condemning the fake one.

“They should do it under a whole other name or other colors. If they are trying to do the same colors as AKA, they shouldn’t do that,” TSU junior Janice Jenkins told KHOU-television.

It’s crazy because this is like some evil stuff,” TSU freshman Wendy Mthembu told the station. Some official sisters at the sorority say if it is determined who is responsible AKA may sue for infringement on the name. AKA is a well known sorority for African-American women, founded almost 100 years ago.

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