Saturday, March 10, 2007

Student Says Texas FIJIs are Racist

Flyer Sitrs Controversy By Alleging Frat Has Racist Pledge Rules

The Greek community at University of Texas was engulfed in controversy this week when someone who claimed to have "the pledge rules" of Phi Gamma Delta posted fliers all over campus listing the supposed rules. The alleged "pledge rules" had a decidedly racist overtone, and offended FIJI brother and non-brother alike.

To the best of our ability, the FratBoyNews has drawn from various sources to show the supposed pledge rules of Phi Gamma Delta of the University of Texas.

1) No headphones (ipod)
2) No awkward convos
4) No facebook
5) No working out
6) No chewing gum
7) No bikes or buses (walk to class!)
8) No Deuschbags
9) No interracial dating
10) No frat parties other than FIJI
11) No concerts
12) No inside bathrooms at the house
13) No crying to Mom
14) No being a pussy (quiting)
16) No Mexicans

The list posted above was refuted by various member of the UT Greek community. However it was especially strongly address by FIJI resident Coleman Easely.

"Phi Gamma Delta President Coleman Easely, a Spanish senior, said the documents are libelous, insulting and do not represent the ideals of the fraternity.

"I think labeling an entire organization as racists is a terrible and harmful generalization," Easely said. "Any individuals who have ill feelings about the fraternity are invited to take the time to meet some of the members and see who they truly are."

Easely said the fraternity does not follow the flyer's "rules," adding that they were an ignorant prank. Easely countered the racist rules, including "No Mexicans," saying there are currently two Hispanic FIJI members.

The Texas chapter of Phi Gamma Delta has had problems with racist incidents in the past, including distributing t-shirts with racist messages during a parade in April 1990. However, there are no recent disciplinary actions on record with the Office of the Dean of Students Web site.

By press time, members of the Greek community and offended individuals had taken down most of the flyers."

FratBoyNewsAdmin wonders: Excluding the overtly racist and wrong items (9 &13), is this a list of unofficial but widely adhered to fratboy rules?

Let us know what you think! Post a comment below, let us know if you think these are the unofficial pledge rules for all Greeks


Shaun said...

No, that is just rediculous. I can see some fraternities doing some of that; the idiot chapters :)

I like #3 tho.

#4 isn't a bad rule.

#5 No working out??? I guess Fiji at UTexas is full of a bunch of lil' Erkel's.

6) No chewing gum. NOt too bad.

7) No bikes or buses (walk to class!) Not sure what the point of this one is.

8) No Deuschbags ??? what?

9) No interracial dating. ARe you insane??? I've personally met some of the non-white HAWTIES that go to UT.

10) No frat parties other than FIJI. NO biggie.

11) No concerts. Fuck you.

12) No inside bathrooms at the house. Fuck you, I'll shit in your bed then.

13) No crying to Mom.
14) No being a pussy (quiting)
15) NO CAT WALK <<< what?

16) No Mexicans. Their pres is messican.

Anonymous said...

those are fine rules...I had alot more pledging

Anonymous said...

shaun, you offically suck at life. i don't know how good FIJI is at UT but you are probably a TKE at texas state. those rules are not even that bad. they have #5 so they don't get a bunch of meat head fucks. also if you shit in a brothers bed, you would have bows and toes for 5 hours a day and a personal line up twice a day. have fun with your HAWTIES you fuckin deuschbag.

Anonymous said...

shaun is probably from the West Coast. "Woah like Cali Brah! We work out and tan and gel our hair. Brah like totally we pledge all sorts of minorities like dude woah." Fag.

Jake said...

big surprise, fraternities are a haven for white males!!! who gives a shit, minorities have their own fraternities, and often are included in small numbers in traditionally white fraternities.

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