Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Campus Girl of the Day: Katie Wood

The Frat Boy News Campus Girl of the Day

The University of Minnesota's Katie Wood is Tuesday's Campus Girl of the Day!!!!

Katie's Details
Madison, Wisconsin
College: University of Minnesota
Year: Junior
Age: 20
Birthday: November 27, 1986
Greek Affiliation: Alpha Tau Delta
Favorite Drink: H2O
Favorite Movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Favorite Actress: Dianne Keaton
Hobbies: Fishing, football, basketball, baseball and dancing.
Favorite Aspect of CampusGirls.com: Donating to breast cancer research.
Plans after Graduation: Working as an RN and then back for grad school.

Each and everyday a different Campus Girl from around the country will be featured on The Frat Boy News. If you would like to be chosen as a Campus Girl of the Day, drop us an email at fratboynews@yahoo.com

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