Monday, July 16, 2007

Lawsuit Will Bring Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis Back to Court

Monday's Frat Boy News Daily Sports Page

University of Notre Dame (compiled by The Wildcat Online)

It was a dramatic end to a February trial that pitted Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis against two surgeons: a juror collapsed, the doctors rushed to his aid and the judge declared a mistrial.

Some in the legal community thought Weis would reach a settlement with the two Massachusetts General Hospital surgeons rather than go through a retrial. But with no settlement in sight, the former New England Patriots offensive coordinator is heading back to court this week for a second trial this year on his claim the surgeons made mistakes in his care after gastric bypass surgery in 2002.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Friday in Suffolk Superior Court.

Weis claims the doctors acted negligently by allowing him to bleed internally for 30 hours after the surgery before performing a second operation to correct the complication. Weis was in a coma for two weeks and nearly died.

But the Boston doctors, Charles Ferguson and Richard Hodin, testified that routine postoperative tests did not reveal problems, and that bleeding is a known complication.

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