Monday, July 16, 2007

'Greek' No Longer the Word at Purdue

IFC Aims to Change Fraternity, Sorority Images

If Purdue University's Interfraternity Council has any say in how students at the campus refer to members of fraternities and sororities, they hope the term "Greek" won't be in their vocabulary beginning this school year.

Rather than calling members of social organizations like fraternities and sororities "Greeks," the IFC hopes students will refer to the community as "Fraternity and Sorority Life."

"It better identifies the population that we serve," Kyle Pendleton, president of the Association of Fraternity Advisers, told Purdue's student newspaper. The IFC leaders hope changing the term will promote a stronger sense of community among the organizations and students.

"We are trying to create one united fraternity and sorority community and this ... subsequent logo and brand analysis are the first steps towards doing that," teve Holtsclaw, president of the council, said in an e-mail.

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