Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sigma Nu Returns to UNC

Sigma Nu Reclaims House

The brothers of Sigma Nu are back at the University of North Carolina and best of all, they've reclaimed their old house.

"It's a completely different dynamic than we've been used to," said Edward Prewitt, president of the fraternity. "At this point we're kind of viewed as outsiders in the frat scene. We're known as 'the guys taking back (Alpha Epsilon Pi's) house.'"

After disbanding due to poor recruitment numbers in 2002, the chapter leased its former house to Alpha Epsilon Pi. A stipulation in the lease was that, if Sigma Nu could generate enough interest to fill the house, they could return.

Sigma Nu did just that. In the spring, the university reinstated the fraternity and the brothers began planning to fix-up their old house.

The change will leave brothers of Alpha Epsilon Phi without a house for the upcoming school year. The chapter hopes to relocate soon.

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