Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Can't They Be More Like Guys?

Compiled by College Sex Advice

Confusion about female orgasm is understandable.

By comparison, the mechanics of the male orgasm are easy to observe and comprehend: Dick gets hard > Dick gets stroked/sucked/fucked > Dick shoots. Nothing mysterious there.

Why can’t girls be that simple? Well, they’re just not made that way.

Their sexual organs and arousal process are mostly internal. So unless she’s a squirter (i.e. she has female ejaculations), a woman has no outstanding external indicator that she’s having an orgasm.

However, there are signs you can look for that indicate that she’s getting ready to come, she’s coming, or she’s already peaked.

Arousal – If she’s really aroused, her pupils may be dilated, her skin may be flushed on her face, neck and breasts, and her breathing may be rapid and may become irregular. In general, her moaning and panting will not just get louder, but speed up as she approaches climax.

Orgasm – Part of the problem here is that women can have both minor “mini orgasms” or earth-shaking, toe curling orgasms, and technically they both count as O’s. In either case though, a woman’s PC (pubococcygeal), vaginal and uterine muscles contract. It may be just a flutter, or it may be dick-gripping contractions. Some women go rigid when they come, some writhe some go limp. Some scream and some go silent. Her heart rate will increase. She may have involuntary movements, such as shuddering.

Afterglow – She’ll have a dazed, dreamy look and be kind of glassy eyed. She’ll need to catch her breath and her breathing and heart rate will slowly return to normal. Her flushed skin will gradually return to normal.

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