Thursday, August 16, 2007

And the Oscar for the Best Fake Orgasm Goes To....

Compiled by College Sex Advice

Here are a few telltale signs that she’s putting on a show:

Coming EVERY time – Few women come every single time they have intercourse. If you brag to your friends your girlfriend effortlessly comes 100% of the time, you may have a faker on your hands. Also, each and every real orgasm is different. If your girlfriend has the exact same reaction to every orgasm, it may just be play acting.

Coming Without Communication – Some women can come very easily from sex, regardless of what you do, but most need their specific needs and desires met to get off. A certain position, rhythm, or sex act is often a prerequisite to a real orgasm. If your girlfriend never even hints at what she needs to climax, but climaxes all the time just the same, she may be faking it.

Obvious overacting – This can be a tough call, since some women will moan and talk dirty to turn you on and to turn themselves on, but if she’s just moaning mechanically, her groaning is too regular, or too loud, and she sounds like she’s imitating a porn star, she’s probably faking and not even doing a very good job.

Out of synch – If her moaning and responses don’t correspond to what you are actually doing to her, something is wrong. Like if you stop, and she keeps moaning with the same rhythm and intensity, she may be faking.

No indication of arousal – If she’s not showing any physical signs of arousal, such as flushed skin, or increased heart rate and rapid breathing, she may be faking.

Coming too soon – Some women are just quick on the trigger, and there are exceptions, like if she is really turned on to begin with, but it usually takes women anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to work up to an orgasm.

No recovery time – There are exceptions, but if she “comes” and then immediately bounces out of bed to brush her teeth, she probably faked. It should take her at least a couple of minutes or so to “come down” after orgasming.

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