Friday, March 09, 2007

Purdue's Frat GPA Falling

Overall Frat GPA Drops Below All-Male Average

According to a report from Purdue University's IFC, the GPA of current frat recognized on campus has fallen a bit from 2.727 to 2.717, lower than the all-male average.

Purdue's student newspaper cites the exclusion of suspended and probated fraternities for causing the average fraternity grade point average to drop.
Frats that are suspended or on probation like Sigma Phi Epsilon and Tau Kappa Epsilon were left out of the report.

"I am disappointed in the overall fraternity average, but I am anticipating an improvement," said Purdue's IFC president. Sororities on the campus reportedly have a collective average of 3.101.

1 comment:

ShaunTX said...

How do you fall below the all-male average?!! You have to really work to do that.

Hell, your chapters test file drawer alone should put you over the all-male.

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